mind vs MIND

Hey come on…

buckle up

be out of your insecurities

just kick out all the fears …

those agonizing fears that are hindering u to APROACH the real YOU….

close your eyes …. breathe it out…. feel it out…

don’t think u can’t…

why u can’t…

Yes, u can….

(Oh! again these thoughts crushing my mind)

It’s not that easy……(to all the so called optimistic teasing thoughts in my mind)

you think it’s easy??

Well! don’t deceive yourself

it’s near to impossible
you know it…don’t you

you think you could banish those insecurities that you breath daily….

oh poor soul …you can’t

these fears are your reflection….
you can’t abandon yourself from these thoughts

Hey! Have you ever contemplated what’s limiting you?

Here’s what you have been inculpating ever since

Society, people, misfortunes, lacking opportunities..

You think these are the knock-backs

Hey buddy you have guessed it wrong

The real culprit is you The pessimist!

It’s you who limits you…

Just dare..


Sometimes daring to step ahead is all what you need .There are times in your life when you yearn to accomplish something but you just can’t.You may experience several knock backs towards advancement but believe me these all are just your mind’s fabricated restrictions .So what you need is just dare to ditch those restrictions and dare to step ahead don’t overthink just take the indispensable little steps towards your goal and Go for it..Remember just dare…

Little daring steps..